Make a difference by supporting local farming image

Make a difference by supporting local farming

Help Us Provide Fresh Produce to Schools in Nicholas County, West Virginia


Make a difference by supporting local farming.

Five Rivers Cooperative was formed to meet two objectives. First to help diversify the workforce and the economy. Second, to provide healthy, organically grown produce to schools, food banks and other institutions. To solve these problems Five Rivers Cooperative (hereinafter Five Rivers) teaches new/beginning farmers how to use cost-effective cultivating, harvesting, storage and distribution techniques. Chris Lodge is an example of this process working. Chris came to us last fall looking to help. We offered him a job under the following conditions: first, he must take our three-month online agricultural training course. Second, upon completing the course he would be offered a high tunnel to operate with the understanding that revenue from the produce grown in the high tunnel was his. He accepted and the rest is history. Chris completed the course in one month, took over the operation of one high tunnel and is now producing 2-3 times the produce previously grown! Chris is now our "Farm Manager in Training".

There are others who wish the same opportunity. They simply need training and a space to operate. We provide both. We currently operate on approximately 1.75 acres but we have the capacity to expand to 4.5 acres. Your donation, along with others, will help us expand our operation. Donate today to insure that local schools and pantries receive high quality produce; while also supporting the development of the next generation of farmers.